The bite continues

we left out of Dinner key Marina. Today was my customers birthday and he said all he wanted was a black grouper and his friend also said, neither one of them had caught one before. I said, I will put you on them and you will get a bite, as in most of my trips, but not all can turn the powerful fish, away from the rocks. we headed out and anchored up outside Elliot and the ocean was more than predicted, as usual. We had a decent north current and an East wind and lots of weeds to make it harder. We got the tails to bite and the weeds made it almost impossible to present the bait properly and we ended up with only a hand full or so.
The bottom bite was good and the mangroves were hungry. After giving them a little demo, we caught some mangroves,muttons and 3 blacks, Each one of my customer got his wish, at the end of the day. Tight lines