Muttons are still biting

The mutton Bite South of Fowey, has been producing a few nice fish in 55 to 150 foot depths, I’ve been using live hoos to catch them, even though sometimes we get cut off by macs, which are plentiful on the reef already. We have been catching some decent size fish mixed in with the usual muffin. the yellow tail bite has been slow in these areas lately, but plentiful further south. The speedos have been avoiding us in this area, but in the 4 days, I spent fishing Marathon, the first two days, I caught more than 50 with my hoop net. The Mangrove bite slowed down to a couple of fish per trip if any.
I had a chance to fish with my son, Miamimuttonman_jr, He would fish all the time with me and when he turned 17 it was girlfriend and school and work, but now that he is an adult, we are starting to fish more often.
Soon the waters will cool and the Macs,kings and even the yellowtail bite will get better and bigger fish can be expected. Here are the pics of the latest Miami catches.

In  marathon, we caught some nice tails and black grouper in depths of 85 to 110. The bite should get real good on the groupers, this coming full moon around the last week of September.