Miami Mutton Report 4/19/12 the huge flying Fish & snapper limit

I’m Fishing 3 days a week from now on. Today I went out on a Yellowfin 39, my customer wanted yellowtails, It was only him and I, we started the day with a live well full of cigar minnows, got to the big tail spot and we were the only ones for miles, the tide was going north and perfect, we started to chum and the tails came up as expected.

My client didn’t want to be in any pics, I always ask, and respect that. He started to get some very nice tails and after getting 7 of them they disappeared, something was keeping them away, and we never saw what, he kept trying and hooked up a fish that was a big surprise, it was a flying fish that took his yellowtail bait and swallowed it, this was the biggest I have ever seen I estimated it at 15 inches, first time ever I see a flyer caught on hook and line much less in the day time. I told him this fish cut in chunks can turn up a mutton on every chunk, and I did just that I send it down and within minutes I felt the mighty thump and off he went, and up came a close to 10lb mutton, quick pic and down again after a couple more minutes I’m on again with another about 5 lbs, then I moved to get my client back in the tail action, we went to a spot in 55 feet and had them on the surface and there he got another 11 tails and I hit the bottom with a chunk that got picked clean then, I put the head down and got a grouper hit that, I felt taking the line thru the corals and got stuck and broke me off. here are the pics, notice the speedo and ballyhoo and tails balled up behind the boat. I got 20 speedo for bait, ten for his freezer and 10 for tomorrow, going back out.