Fishing Reports

I Went out today, on a 50 foot custom Yacht, with two doctors. The seas where very nasty and the water was cloudy, with all these storms, that have passed the waves where 6feet –plus. Saw one boat out and saw him head in quickly after. We started off in 55 feet, My plan was to catch speedos and hoos and go deeper, the speedo never showed and never saw a yellowtail all day. The current was very slow, tossed the net at the Ballyhoos and got half a dozen, then we anchored in 90 feet and there, the guys got a few muttons and lost a couple nice fish they could not stop. the we had a couple sharks on so we decided to go to another spot, the Capt had trouble anchoring on the numbers, because of the rough seas and wind that was a steady 20 kts, so we ended up marking fish at the numbers but could not hold anchor there so we ended up very far from our intended target but we stayed there since we had to be in early today, we fished this last spot and nothing but a bonito and a porgy. Slow day but happy customers to be out and catch some quality eating fish.