I’ll go with you on your boat, I’ll be the mate to teach you reef fishing. You’ll see things you’ve never seen before things I’ve learned putting in, long hours at sea.

  • Where to Fish
  • How to Fish
  • How to Rig
  • I’ll Provide you with Hooks, Swivels, and Chum
  • No Braided Lines (For Yellow Tails)
I fish from Miami to the Keys from 7:30 am to 3: pm. Three people, max is the norm unless its a boat at least 40 feet.
  We bring a chum bag and lots of chum, (one bucket of oats For yellowtail and all hooks and swivels all included in the price.  (Your boat must be 23 feet or more and no bay or flats boats)
  • Miami and south $600.00
  • Tavernier and south $650.00 to Marathon.
  • required non-refundable deposit $200.00 to book

Here is a list of what you need for the trip:
  • on most trips, I will bring fresh or frozen bait like ballyhoo or speedo but your welcome to bring, 2 dozen( FRESH) ballyhoo or other fresh or live bait (I usually catch bait as we fish but sometimes, they’re just not close enough). Also, remember 10 bags of ice no blocks( please bring enough drinking water hydration is important. Also and empty bucket and a don’t forget your bait well net
  • some bank sinkers-five of each 16 or 20 and 24/32 oz –
  • some egg sinkers 5/6/oz – four of each
  • a 25yd spool of 15lb/20lb/40lb/50lb/60lb fluorocarbon leader and 1/2 pound spool of 50 pounds pink Mono line prefer Ande
  • 300 ft to 600 ft of anchor line with a 3/8 thick chain 18 feet long and whether you have a winch or not you would need an anchor ball kit to make it easy for you, to pull your anchor more quickly. Note- a winch will jam most times, taking up fishing time, I don’t recommend it, leave it for the sand bar.
  • as we fish anywhere between 50 and over 250 ft deep, also you need an anchor, that can anchor on coral, with a breakaway system, so you won’t lose it by getting it stuck. Example= a Fortress aluminum anchor is a sand anchor and will bend or get stuck on rocks.
  • I recommend using a claw anchor, 16.5 to 22 pounds depending on boat size. Click here to view anchor.
  • You need 2 bottom rods with 65 lb, braided line (Cortland master Braid /suffix Or Diamond braid )  (power pro 50 will not work).
  • for the bottom, you need a fast reel and an 8 ft Miamimuttonman bottom rod lmk
  • For the Yellowtails you need two spinners with 12lb to 15 pink or clear line and one more big spinner with 30 or more pound test,  to use as a toss rod in case a cobia or dolphin show up all the sudden, to name a few.
  •  I require a $200.00  deposit at time of booking, I’ll be sending you a secure deposit link or Zelle or send it to: Benito Cabrera, PO box 660141 Miami Florida, 33266. Make check or money order, payable to Reef Fishing Consultant Inc. (If it’s for JR make out to Action Reef Fishing Consulting Inc.
  • (I take credit card payments for deposits over the phone) or zelle, it’s a quicker way to book

For every trip, we check the weather two days prior, if it is forecasted bad, we will reschedule to the next available date. If you need to cancel it has to be 72 hrs in advance of the trip, so you can keep your deposit and we can reschedule.

After I give you the new dates to reschedule, you have 90 days to use your reschedule deposit.


  • Any cancellations within 72 hrs of the trip, you lose your deposit. (Deposits are non refundable)